MIndsource limited - experts in customer feedback

Mindsource Ltd is an authorised reseller for HappyOrNot a customer feedback device company based in Finland with branches in the United States of America.

Mindsource is a wholly Tanzanian owned company with offices in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

Mindsource Ltd offers a practical, highly flexible, scaleable, and cost effective sales, research and customer service solutions to SMEs and multinationals both in Africa and beyond. With backgrounds in both customer service, sales and marketing.

The Mindsource team provides strategic direction, customer service and marketing support developed to help maximise your sales revenue through identifying new clients and retaining existing clients.

Mindsource offers a comprehensive brand centric and practical service to maximise the value of your customer’s experience in the short and long term. Put simply, we ensure that you retain a high volume of your clients, through strategic application of tried and tested methods; it is the smartest way to make money and thrive in business.